Is Stem Cell Therapy For You?

Learn about the benefits of stem cell therapy and how it can help improve you or your loved one’s condition

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Maria - Cerebral Palsy

Maria | Age 3 | Cerebral Palsy

* More strength in her arms and legs
* Now can crawl and sit up by herself
* Family notice that her mind has also become more active
* Her fine motor skills are very good; she is able to grasp objects and interact with them
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Raed - Stroke

Raed | Age 37 | Stroke

* Secondary epilepsy and tremor is now under control
* Can now eat without choking
* Less involuntary groping action
* More ability to care for himself on a daily basis
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Seyavash - Multiple Sclerosis

Seyavash | Age 51 | Multiple Sclerosis

* Improvements seen after the first month of treatment
* Can feel his feet for the first time in 10 years
* Feels legs are getting stronger and no longer as confined to wheelchair
* Muscle coordination and positions are improving with more stability
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Dr. Wu | 28 Years Experience

Dr Wu is one of China’s most experienced and distinguished neurologists and the Managing Director of Wu Stem Cells Medical Center represented by ASC. His career began in 1985 when he started as a resident at Beijing Union Hospital… Read More

Dr. Wang | 40+ Published Research Articles

Dr Xiaojuan Wang is Associate Director of Wu Stem Cells Medical Center represented by ASC. She is one of China’s most experienced researchers of stem cell treatment technology. She has learned from Professor Chunyan Li, the only neurology science academician in China…Read More


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